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Our COVID-19 response

The GizmoStock Team is prepared to acknowledge the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has taken on this industry. We know that this slow down has left the economy in a unusual place and would like to share what we are doing during this pandemic.

• 👏 Cleanliness: We are keeping our team limited. As of right now, the two members of our staff that pack boxes are living and working in a very limited circut. We regularly sanitize our hands and will only be packing boxes with gloves on until this passes. If you have any questions regarding our cleanliness please reach out using the contact information below and we are happy to help!

• 📦 Inventory: We still have a healthy supply of excellent cases, parts, and accessories in-stock and our inventory is only going to grow from here. As of right now, we still have shipments of cases and cables incoming but the shipping progress has been delayed slightly. If you see a product that is out of stock, please reach out via email or phone.

• 💵 Financing: If you are having trouble financially during this global pandemic, don't hesitate to contact us! We are beginning to work out the kinks to offer financing through Behalf and Klarna. We would be happy to speak to you about any and all financing options.

The Bottom Line: GizmoStock is here for you to succeed. Our team is fully prepared to maintain a high level of outgoing shipments. We promise that your order will be put in the hands of FedEx, USPS, or UPS depending on your preference within 24 hours of your order. That is our guarantee. We will not let you be without your main products and we will be there for any store, big or small, that needs us. Please remember, PHONES ARE DIRTY! Wash your hands! Thank you!

PPE in stock in limited quantities:


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