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Board Repair

Gizmo Stock is now offering board level repair.

Board level repair is not offered on liquid damaged devices, for anything other than data recovery. Liquid damage/Data recovery is a repair option. 

As with all repair, some board level repairs are more complex than others. We start with a diagnostic to confirm issue and then will confirm the pricing with you. We will not proceed with any repairs without approval. Some repairs are priced in a range, the price starts at the lowest price and changes with approval. 

Charging Port Replacement $ 50.00

-LG G2/3/4        -Kindle Fire     -Non proprietary micro usb 

-Samsung S3     -Other ( contact us)

iPhone 6/6+ Touch Disease Repair $129.99

iPhone Power Management $99.99

-U2/Tristar iPhone 5 and 6 series 

Backlight Repair  Single Component $99.99 &

Multi component / Jumpers $109.99-129.99

-iPhone 6 Series 

-iPad 3/4 

FPC Replacements $59.99

-iPad Mini LCD

- iPad 2/3/4

-other (contact us)

Console Repair $99

-Xbox One HDMI port

-Playstation 4 HDMI port 

Liquid damage / Data recovery: $179.99*

*price may increase depending on time spent 

We get the device on and get the information off of it - We save that to a usb flash drive and send back to you

**Other Charges

We will charge a $25 fee on all iPads that arrive fully assembled with sealed lcd/digitizer. 



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